that familiar feeling.

It only took a few hours for me to fall for Chicago. I was taken with the trees arching over the old brick neighborhoods and the late afternoon light off the lake. It made it easy to imagine living there. It made it hard to leave.

But when the plane descended from the clouds, and Oregon came into view, I felt something familiar in my chest. The pines were peeking out from the low hanging fog.  They covered the rolling hills, down to the Columbia, where boats bobbed in the rain. I was flooded with a combination of comfort and recognition.  It was the feeling of being home. 

Chicago and I may have had love at first sight, but Portland will always be my city soulmate. 

(photo) on film with Minox EL 
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  1. I love that last sentence. My love at first sight city would have to be with both Nashville and Portland. Both are pretty different but to me, had a comfortable feel to them.

  2. I really like this. The best feeling is coming home.

  3. I love traveling so much, but I always remember that there's always a place to go back home to. A place that truly feels like your own.

  4. I love this. I've traveled a lot within the US, and Portland is the only city I've fallen in love with at first sight. In fact, we're still dating, 12 years later. (There was that fling with Chicago, though... I completely understand what you mean about it being so easy to imagine living there!)

  5. I can so relate to this. And I agree with the above comment- going home is quite possibly the best feeling.

  6. I love that last sentence too. I have a city soulmate too and as much as I think I would love to pick up and move there...I'd rather have an affair with it a couple times a year. :)

  7. Chicago is so, so nice. However, it will freeze your tush off for months come November. It's a bit of a bi-polar relationship. :) I feel like you're wise to stay in your relationship with Portland. :)

    My weird little hometown in Wisconsin has been my thing for the past 25 years, but I'm kind of ready to start a new relationship. Boston and I were pretty hot and heavy a few weeks ago, and I'm still thinking about it. :)

  8. It's wonderful to read about your love for the city you live in. I always feel bad to be so jaded about where I live. Home is truly where the heart is. But then again I really wouldn't mind living in Portland either hehe!


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