father's day + fictional dads.

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I think my Dad is a combination of the two best fictional fathers of all time : To Kill a Mocking Bird's Atticus Finch and Baywatch's Mitch Buchannon.

My Atticus-Dad has the "quiet dignity" thing nailed. He taught me, by example, how to treat everyone with respect  He is on a first name basis with the mailman, the barista at the drive-through coffee stand, and the toothless guy who pumps his gas. He gives the best advice and speaks in moral maxims like "only idiots paint using a plastic drop-cloth"

My Mitch-Dad enjoys body surfing and giving informative lectures about sneaker waves - not just to his own children but to anyone playing on a log near the ocean. Maybe it's his affinity for red swim trucks and the chest hair, but Lily and I also think our Dad looks like Mitch Buchannon - which he vehemently denies / is secretly flattered by. 

I hope you and yours have the happiest of Father's day weekends!
Does your Dad remind you of any fictional fathers?


  1. this is INCREDIBLE!! i love it!!! atticus finch is still one of my favorite book characters and to kill a mockingbird is probably my all-time fave:)

    new blog layout!?!? loving ittt!!

  2. This is so cute. In a weird way, my dad has always reminded me of Richard Dreyfus in Mr. Holland's Opus. He's not a music teacher, but their demeanors and appearance (glasses, balding head, mustaches) are so similar.

  3. your dad reminds me of someone different... someone from the mighty ducks... ALRIGHT ALRIGHT!!! ;)

    1. when I was thinking of what to write for a Father's Day post, I almost shared that story! next year.

  4. I love this post, especially the bit about drop cloth. My Ma always says my Dad reminds her of Hercule Poirot! I guess that would be an insult in most circles... Not that they look alike but they do share the same love of neatness, order and early 20th century decor!

  5. I laughed out loud at this. I just love it :)


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