gatherings : Alison's Baby Shower

I've known where babies come from for quite a few years now. But it wasn't until I started working with people of various ages and life-stages that I really witnessed the whole process. From the joyous announcement at staff meeting ... to a day, four months later, when it's like oh, you really arrrreee pregnant. 

Tessa threw a beautiful baby shower for Alison. She has a masters in linguists and is our official front desk French translator at the hotel. So, we all brought along our favorite children's book and enjoyed a little champagne & St. Germains.

Seeing pictures of baby Harper on Monday I just couldn't believe it. At work on Friday there was one person - and now there are two. I'm glad maternity-leave exists because I know I would be useless, completely consumed by wonder.

"Wait ... let me get this straight. That - the little human with fingers and toes and eyeballs - was in there. Yesterday." 

(photos) on film with pentax k1000, except for the first - which was with my iPhone.
(p.s.) two tips for seating arrangements | and a breakfast for supper dinner party


  1. I stared at my sister-in-laws belly over the last 9 months with the same wonder. Looking at her new baby, I can't even wrap my mind around the fact that she was IN HER BELLY this whole time. mind blown.

    1. yes, you totally get it Kae. Every human being is such a wonder (to bring life and to be a life!)

  2. My sister is pregnant right now and due in September. As the months pass, she gets bigger and bigger and it's such an interesting and kind of strange process to witness.

    Beautiful pictures!

  3. It looks like you had a really nice time...Just rejoicing about a new life is a wonderfully magical thing! What a miracle it all is, when we come to think of it, isn't it? An entire human being is formed gradually in a woman's belly...I know it sounds so natural, but I can't stop marveling about it...

  4. I don't know a lot of people who have had babies, so I completely know how you feel. When I got my haircut recently by someone who was 8 months pregnant, her bump kept hitting me and it was so odd to think that there was a little human swimming around right next to my face.


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