Moonrise Kingdom | a thought on style.

People of my generation focus so heavily on being original. Trends flourish and become passe in a matter of months. There's nothing so old as what was recently new. In an effort to remain unique we give away the things we love after they're claimed by more than a few others. It's frustrating really. And I think we lose sight of what style really means - what it means to have a signature.

Wes Anderson gets a lot of flack for being being predictable; the single shot sequences, the record players  and the charcoal-eyed heroines.  Moonrise Kingdom feels familiar. But, that critique loses relevance to me when you listen to Anderson's Fresh Air Interview. Talking about the use of analog props he says :

"in the past I've used the same stuff and I have no real way to defend it, except that I think it's nicer to put a camera on a spinning thing rather than something that just sort of beeps or, you know, numbers that tick off."

What better reason is there? Truly liking something - of your own taste and on your own fruition - eliminates the importance of novelty. But, that's coming from just another Sperry wearing, peony loving, blog girl who (quite predictably) loved Moonrise Kingdom.

(photo) film still (quote) Wes Anderson on NPR's Fresh Air. (reference) "there's nothing so old" is the title of a Wallstreet Journal article about obsolescence


  1. now i'm really curious about the interview. i haven't listened to fresh air in a while. it's downloading as i'm typing this :)

    i can agree with your viewpoint and there's definitely truth in it. i think that when i was younger, i was more at peace with myself and knew exactly was my signature was. i've lost it somewhere on the way to adulthood :)


  2. I'm dying to see this movie. IT seems whimsical and perfect.

  3. "There's nothing so old as what was recently new." - so true, and something I struggle with, because I want my taste to be my own, but I often feel pressured to let go of something I'm drawn to because of what others think about it. Like Gotye. My brother introduced me to them before their single really exploded. And I still love the song and the album, but I get flack for it from friends and from what people say about it online. I don't care what people say - I still love it and listen to it - but I just find it disappointing that people so often base their tastes on being "original," that the minute someone else likes something, they have to move on from it. They're tastes are based on liking what isn't "popular", and thus are no longer original.

    1. P.S. LOVE the new blog layout. I have loved seeing your design talent flourish here.

    2. right! I don't know what's worse - sharing a personal favorite with a million other people or having to defend it.

      And, I wish I could take more credit, Bethany! I used a template from Blog Milk. I feel so profesh!

  4. love this friend! i recently just went through this with my home decor style. i have this friend who has the most beautifully mid-century modern home with mainly white streamlined decor. I love it! I loved it so much that i tried to make my style fit into this box. i got rid of tons of my tchotchkes and tried to streamline everything. but recently i realized...that just isn't me and that's ok. i like little things that tell a story. i enjoy the handmade. and these didn't really fit in with such a modern austere style. i've definitely learned to edit, which is a good thing, but i'm back to surrounding mysel with things i love that make me happy!

  5. You always make the most excellent points! Perhaps we need to have a little more confidence in ourselves in order to stand by the things we love.


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