Mary Oliver | let the world have its way with you

"Heart, I implore you
it's time to come back from the dark
it's morning, the hills are pink
and the roses whatever they felt
in the valley of night
are opening now
their soft dresses, their leaves are shining
why are you laggard?
Sure you have seen this a thousand times,
which isn't half enough. Let the world
have its way with you, luminous as it is
with mystery and pain-
graced as it is with the ordinary" 
Mary Oliver

a reminder I must constantly give my heart, to come back from what I've felt. To open up - again and again - to all that is a part of life : the wonderful, the hurtful, and the everyday. 


  1. The more I read Mary Oliver, the more I love her. Her words are so healing.

  2. It's a beautiful post. Made me feel better.

  3. Mary Oliver always gets right at the heart.

    Love it, so very very much.


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