gatherings : Laura's Bridal Shower

best bridal shower!
excitedly opening a toaster
Maids of Honor of the Year
Laura's getting married a month from yesterday, so I guess it's fitting that I finally processed the film from her bridal shower. It was nice to relive the real excited of opening a toaster and all the little details from the day, right down to the monogrammed ribbon.

Her wedding has given me so much to look forward to this year: Las Vegas and Chicago, with the big day up next! Every couple of months we all get together, and it's become so clear why each of these ladies hold such a special place in Laura's heart. I'm really going to miss seeing them- and Laura's handsome future husband - after she ties the knot . 

... which is why I'm trying to get included in her anniversary. C'mon Radley, whatdya say?

(photos) on film with Pentax k1000


  1. i love this! i cannot WAIT for careys wedding festivities to begin :)

  2. So exciting!! It is fitting that you two are close friends ... she is darling just like you. I assume Napa is for the wedding yes!!! If you need recs on where to eat go etc let me know. You will be so close to my neck of the woods. Keep inspiring me with your gorgeous photos. BISOUS!


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