portland places : A Lunch Cruise on the Portland Spirit

I can make a production out of just about anything. Give me an occasion, and I'll give you an outfit. I'll also show up late to the occasion, for a little dramatic flair. Because boarding the Portland Spirit on time wouldn't be nearly as fun as holding up a ship full of tourists as I sprint down the waterfront in full cruise-regalia with my heels in my hand as my blue-blazered date waits on the dock... now would it?

Logan and I both work at the hotel, so we're always recommending day trips and activities that we've never actually done ourselves. Saturday we changed all that. Logan took me on a lunch cruise on the Portland Spirit, where we enjoyed a whiskey press while sailing up the Willamette River. 

I wore wrist-length silk gloves and nobody got left on shore ... so I'd say, it was a winning day all around. As Holden Caulfield said : "If a girl looks swell when she meets you, who gives a damn if she's late? Nobody."


  1. as per usual, gorgeous photos! logan is just the cutest... new beau perhaps?

    love love love!

    1. it was such a fun day, Allie! It's nice to be a tourist in your own city. And no - Logan is just my most fun work buddy!

  2. I would recommend _________, followed by a raving review of how great the food is or how awesome the view is, or anything in general that will sway the guest. I have to admit I have followed victim of this, I figure after living in San Diego for 7+ years now I should be able to send people to participate in a wide variety of cool experiences. If only I had experienced them all myself. Cue me talking about the hornblower cruise that I experinced with my Freshman year roommate as she rocked "sweatshirt sexy" ... now that is the gods honest truth!!

  3. There is so much class in the first picture and last picture that I can't handle it. Love the gloves!

  4. Fab pic! And great quote! Ahoy!

  5. You are beyond freaking adorable. The gloves? I DIE. I want your entire outfit. Or, at least I'd like you to come shopping with me and help me find something equally fantastic. ;)

    Sightseeing in your own backyard is always the best, isn't it? :)

  6. Gah! I love this post but I hate you.. I have that quote written down to use in a future post. No one will believe I didn't copy it from you ;)

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