Haim | Go Slow

this song reminds me of sitting in the front yard at the end of the day, when the windows are open and the fans are on - but the house is still too hot to handle. I've played it over and over this summer. Something about it sounds like old-school Annie Lennox, ya? 

The stripped version on the Warby Parker Citizen Sessions is absolutely brilliant.  

(song) listen here / buy here (photo) on film with Pentax k1000


  1. This song is great — it has a bit of an 80's vibe that I dig. I can definitely imagine myself listening to this on repeat with sangria in hand! Speaking of, we have a little garden at our new house, and we're two blocks from the park, where we can do just this when you're here next month...

    P.S. We found an apartment!


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