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This is the second lavender field we went to. 

The first one boasted "a hundred different varieties" in their Lavender Festival write-up ... and I don't want to say that was false advertising - because maybe they had only one plant of each variety - but their "farm" was a front yard with three rows. And their official Lavender Ambassador was a man with no shirt on (my sisters reaction upon seeing him : well, that's not very professional) They also advertised "herbs" with "calming medicinal properties" - which retrospectively makes me think that mayyyybe they specialize in another kind of growing.

After some quick googling we found Sauvie Island Lavender Farm.  Even though it wasn't as expansive as I had dreamed, I was happy. The lovely lady-owner let us pick our own bunches, and she tied mine up with a bow for my birthday. 

There's nothing like the smell of lavender and lowered expectations to sooth the soul. 

(photos) on film with Pentax k1000


  1. This is so beautiful. And I'm obsessed with your film photos!

  2. How funny we were both there! Your photos are amazing as usual. You captured the dreamyness of it perfectly!

  3. these are really nice! i've never even seen a lavender field with my own eyes, but it looks beautiful through yours. i'll be enjoying some lavender tee instead and hope to one day see one myself.


  4. ive never even heard of a lavender farm! all the more reason to visit portland. ps: your hair is looking very thick and luscious... you look beautiful!

  5. How lovely. I must go there someday and just lay in the fields for about an hour or two and stare up at the clouds. Also, lovely? Your hair and that dress. Perfection. :)

  6. this is all kinds of hilarious, especially your sisters very proper comment about Mr shirtless. Glad you found a better farm, beautiful and inspiring photos as always


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