two for | August in Gold

gold is the color that reminds me most of summer - crispy lawns and the last light of the day. Before my move East, I spent nearly a week in my hometown of Eugene, Oregon. I had a few quiet evenings sitting in the backyard with my Dad, ordering from my favorite local joints (big fan of Burrito Boy!), and was lucky to spend a day with my friend/fellow camera girl, Cassy


  1. pretty!! good luck with your move, sam! that's so exciting.

  2. those quiet late summer evenings are my favorite.
    to answer your question on my dali post, the paper garlands are actually paper wrist bands that you get upon buying the ticket to enter the museum. visitors leave little messages on them and tie them to the branches. i should've probably written something on that, since it's such a cute idea.


  3. nice photos, good luck with the move. keep us posted!

  4. i adore the first photo.

    i wish you luck with your new home & adventure - i am excited to read about your new experiences!

    - lauren

  5. This is the precise time of year to put on AND THEN NOTHING TURNED ITSELF INSIDE OUT by Yo La Tengo.


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