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So, it's the last week of August, huh? I can't decide if it feels like this month went fast ... or if it feels like I've lived five months in thirty days time. It was a doozy: Portland - San Francisco - Napa - San Francisco - Portland - Eugene - Portland - New Jersey - Northampton. When I finally unpacked my suitcase yesterday (which may or may not have weighed 68lbs when I checked it for my flight out East) I nearly cried from joy.  

So, while I get settled I'm going to do the last week of the August Blog Break. Just a simple photo post everyday to show you a few of the things I've seen this month. It will be sorted by color - because that's how I'm organizing my closet. and my bookshelf. and my egg crate (okay, everything.)   


  1. Good luck settling into the east coast!

  2. Nice photos! Good luck on this new journey!

  3. i love the last photo and the backdrop looks quite amazing. good luck settling in and can't wait to see your adventures on the east coast.


  4. I also cant belive its the last week of August...crazy! Love the photos, best kamila

  5. Yay! Home sweet home is...sweet. And I've also been organizing by color (just my bookshelf so far), and it's weird how something very simple brings me so much pleasure.

  6. Wow you do travel a lot. I wish I did too. It's just something I want to do after college.
    Anyway Love the pictures!!

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