two for | City Summers

and the living's easy.
lords of dog town.
where summer can be found in the city :
lawn chairs in driveways.
twenty minutes outside of town.
music up, windows down.
"turn it up louder!"
gas stations, standing dazed with the cooler door open.
river trips on heatwave weekdays.
asleep on top of the covers.

It's my last day in Portland before the move. 
Tomorrow there will be tears, but today there will be summer. 

(photos) 120 b+w ilford film with diana-cam


  1. Wishing you safe travels, courage, comfort, and a wonderful last day. So excited for you!

  2. You have the best ending lines. Seriously. I want to quote that line until the cows come home!! (That doesn't even make sense that's how much I love it!)

  3. Good luck! So excited for you!

  4. Beautifully written as always. Good lucy on your move!

  5. Crying in my office.

    1. Because you moved... and I miss you already
    2. Because maybe my suit is a little snug.


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