review | A Tornado Warning.

Over the weekend I experienced my second ever tornado warning. The sky turned green, everything green turned black. We spent the day inside drinking hard-cider and sitting on the countertops because no one has any furniture yet. 

I say "second ever tornado warning" because one summer my sister and I visited my grandmother in her tiny town in Ohio. There isn't a whole lot for bratty teenagers to do there, and I announced that I was "so bored that I could die". About 15 minutes later the town went into full tornado lockdown.

I thought that exact same phrase while reading quantitative analysis for homework. Tempt the weather-gods and you'll what what's coming to you.  

Not real death. Death by embarrassment. Death by being caught in a pre-tornado thunderstorm while wearing a white eyelet skirt and leopard print undies when you are trying to be taken very seriously at your graduate school. 


  1. i hope everything's fine. looks terrifying.

    1. Niken, there was no tornado touch-down! From what I understand they're incredibly rare here, it ended up being just a stormy day.

  2. hahahahahha. this post is terrifying and hilarious at the same time.

  3. I love this. I always tempt the weather gods and always get a smack in the face. hahah

  4. I tempt them daily and wish they would show me up already.. I hate the sun and is waiting for some rain(minus any forms of tornado's or tornado warnings). Lets just say its bright and sunny where I am today:/ Glad to hear all is well. Stay safe and dry!

  5. "Not real death. Death by embarrassment." Story of my life. I adore this post.

    Also, is it weird that even though I am smack-dab in the middle of the mid-west, your being on the east coast somehow makes you seem geographically closer to me than when you lived on the west coast?


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