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If ever there was a song made for Sunday morning sweeping, it's this one. 
A ritual left-over from my less lonely weekends. When Tessa and her brother would open up the windows, and put on the Sam Cooke record while wiping beer off the tile floor from the night before. 

(listen) here | the Supremes cover is wonderful (p.s.) also, apparently Dwayne "the rock" Johnson does his own rendition. so bizarre!


  1. This was perfect. Thank you!!

  2. I love this photo. Actually, I love all of your photos.

  3. Ah yes, Sam Cooke. He's a Sunday morning staple around these parts, too!

  4. I couldn't agree more. Sam Cooke is my Sunday go to
    ps: lovely blog you've got here - I will surely be back


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