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This song sounds like a Saturday, smack dab in the middle of the week. The weekend routines, coming a few days early - long coffee mornings and the neighbors walking the dogs.  Despite the pessimism about holiday consumerism, certain days make our intentions so obvious. I want to make you happy, I wanna make you feel alive. 

weekend reading | on companionship:  

(listen) The Kooks - Junk of the Heartalso live.  (photo) on film with Pentax K1000 


  1. thanks for the link, sam! and i totally cried when i read that letter by fiona apple. it's so beautiful!

  2. Another picture that I love. Thanks for putting up the camera you used to take the shot. In the process of looking at film cameras. Do you develop your own film? I haven't done it since highschool, but would be keen to get back into it. happy hols :)


    Sweet Apple Lifestyle

    1. Hi Katie,
      I almost always list the camera at the bottom of the post, and I'm glad you found it helpful! I don't develop my own film - color film is a little more complicated than B+W - but I absolutely loved printing on my own in college. Let me know if you have any questions about cameras!

  3. I recognize that lovely little flower cart from stone barns!


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