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Today on The Equals Record, I'm sharing a little reflection on sleeping alone, inspired by a foggy morning.

"All this time, I thought it was habit. Or, I thought maybe it was loneliness. Some nights it felt like a symbolic act - half filled heart, half filled bed, defined by absence. But I felt full standing out in the fog, clutching my camera and completely alone. There was a surrounding presence in the dampening air. A weight, like the undisturbed covers."

(photo) on film with Leica CL for The Equals Record | fog in Northampton


  1. I always have my bed by the window too - I loved waking up to the east coast chill just inches away (sneaking in through the drafty windows) as I was tucked underneath a cozy down comforter.

  2. There is something special about sleeping alone. Your bed is a space that is distinctly yours, and for me, is home to all my deepest, truest feelings. It is an intimate place, and being there alone allows you to be intimate with yourself.

    Also, this picture is really lovely. That Leica is serving you well pretty lady!

    1. Also also, contrary to how that comment reads, I am not talking about masturbation... ;)

    2. Amanda, you said it more thoughtfully and eloquently than I could. You're so right, it really is the most personal space one has!

  3. oh that photo is just stunning, it took my breath away


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