been there | An Old Ship + Boston Harbor

Sailor Hats
Exploring the US Constitution
Bells + Whistles
Boston Harbor, ect.
Tessa and I share a general philosophy about travel that has been developed over years of working in the hotel industry: the best trips are split between ...  
  1. Finding the hippest, most happening place in town. 
  2. Finding the tackiest, most tourist-iest activity imaginable. 
and doing both of these things to the hilt. For our trip to Boston, Tessa struck up a conversation with a cute girl on the airplane - which landed us at the very cool Island Creek Oyster Bar for her birthday dinner. The second part was satisfied with touring a revolutionary warship, the U.S. Constitution. In a sailor hat.

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000  (p.s.) more Boston | more touristing | another hip place, in LA. 


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