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When the sun broke through the clouds on my last day at home, my Dad and I took a practice-walk down the street that I grew up on. He had his hip replaced at the end of December. The pace was steady but marked with stops - mostly to talk to the neighbors. One showed us a Steelhead he caught from the river bank. Another was unloading a truck-bed stacked with wood, cut from the blow-downs on the coastal highway.  These were relationships built on twenty years worth of Saturdays - taking down christmas lights or laying mulch on the flower beds, depending on the season.

 Towards the end of our walk, the clouds rolled in. I commented on the cold and My Dad responded:  "Oh, I like it when the air's like this. If I breathe in until it almost hurts ..." he drew in deeply to demonstrate "it makes me feel like I could levitate."

There was an orange tabby cat sitting in an overturned patio table. There was a hedge of early camellias. Coins of rain clung to the waxy leaves and collected where the petals gathered. 

And there's really no reason for me to be telling you these things, other than that they happened. But god, I'm so glad for this New Year. For a line to mark "then" and "now".  I'm so glad to be on the side that's beginning. To be possible, again.

(photo) iPhone | camellias, winter's roses. 


  1. beautiful post hun.. plus you just have those moments where you're so aware of every little detail around you and documenting them as you have hopefully means when you look back you'll be able to see it exactly how is was. Beautifully written and I'm genuinely proud of you looking forward to this new start xx

  2. Sam, are you headed towards NYC at any point in the near future? Would love to meet for coffee and discuss mutually-enjoyed things, such as Sam Cooke, Mary Oliver poetry, flowers, and posts like this.

  3. this is so lovely. you craft your words so beautifully!


  4. So much of everything you said in those last three lines are so true for me in this moment. I am oh, so glad for this New Year as well.

  5. so beautiful, sam. i'm so inspired by your words and your photographs and have targeted your blog as my absolute favorite and it's become a place i frequently visit, without a new post. thank you for sharing.

  6. This is worth noting for sure. Gorgeous shot too!


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