been there | Provincetown

I'm on the Cape Cod diet.
St. James, Barbour, ect.
The Complete and Conclusive List of things I Consumed in Cape Cod:
  • a Wellfleet oyster at the Provincetown Farmers Market
  • 1/2 a lobster roll and a Bud Light
  • very stale strawberry flavored saltwater taffy (2) 
  • Wellfleet oysters again (6) 
  • hotwings
  • pot pie and more than my share of a bottle of pinot noir. 

(photos) on film with Leica CL | Samantha and Samuel's trip to Provincetown


  1. yuuuummm all of those things sound sooo delicious!!!

  2. There's something magical about small, seaside towns. Lovely photos and delicious foods.

  3. Love the red and blue colors of those photos, they look so New-Englandy :)

    1. you're so right! Red, White and Blue feel like the official colors of New England. Either because they're especially nautical, or because of the Patriots :)

  4. Reading this post reminds me that its time I visit Cape Cod. I live in RI and have never been.

  5. Cape Cod is my home (was raised there). Next time you visit, you must obtain a lobster roll and a moose tracks ice cream cone from JT's on route 6A in Brewster. My family's summer cottage is just down the street and some of the very best memories of my life occurred outside on the white benches whilst stuffing my belly.


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