review | First Real Snow.

 No warning, no slushy lead-up. Just snow, inches upon inches over night. A complete change before day-light.  It's a surprising and obvious kind of magic.  

(photos) Child's Park, Northampton | "Review" is an iphone photo post about what I did with my weekend. It's the less-exciting, I-stayed-at-home counterpart to "A Weekend Away". Both are published on Monday.


  1. Isn't that magical? I love waking up to a snowy world.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  2. Oh, the western part of this state always gets the beautiful and pillowy snow!

  3. the first real snow? it took winter quiet a time to come :D enjoy it, winter wonderlands are magical :)

  4. It's dreamy! I went to Grad School on the East Coast too, and as a Native Californian, that first snow with no warning - dropped in the middle of the night - dont' realize how much it really snowed until you're half way out the door in your Converse Sneaks is one for the record books! Enjoy!


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