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Today I'm so excited to be sharing my collaboration with The Equals Record! The column is called Loud & Clear, a title inspired by old radio calls. To say "you're coming in loud and clear" means "I'm receiving your message" or "I understand".  Every two weeks, on Tuesday, I'll share with you a story about an outward - and inward - adventure. The column focuses on exploration and the messages that can be found in new places, if we only take the time to listen. (You know this girl loves her nature metaphors!)

The first installment is all about snow flurries and the first feelings of love.
You can read it here!

I could (and have) gone on and on about how lucky I am to be working with the creative team, Miya and Elisabeth. Their vision and guidance reminds me me why I take out my camera, instead of just holing up in my study to read Judith Butler for the next 5-7 years.

p.s. fall writings on The Equals Record

(photo) Loud + Clear header design by Miya Hirabayashi


  1. Looking upto more tuesdays now. :)
    Beautiful initiative.

    Take Care :)

  2. You captured the magic of being in a (wherever you are) snow globe! I love it. :)

    1. thank you, Katie! A (Northampton) snow globe, an especially magic kind.

  3. how exciting! can't wait to read it, sam!

    1. thank you Shoko! I'm a super-fan of your writing + I'm going to miss reading Moving Forward there so much.


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