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my most important coffee cup.
I'm not an expert on my many things, but ... coffee cups? I know coffee cups. And, the "large mug" from Heath Ceramics is the absolute best. The smooth egg-shell texture of earthenware! The warmth! The perfect size for your hands! 

Everything from Heath is made in the original factory in Sausalito, California (an especially meaningful place for me) But, I first found out about these mugs from the restaurant I worked in after college. We had a cruddy set of "employee" mugs, but every morning I would snag one off our breakfast tables, fill it with piping-hot coffee, and take it up to the hostess stand to ward off a days-worth of cold gusts from the door.  

I'd been coveting them ever since, so my sister gave me two mugs in a deep blue glaze called "moonstone" for my 24th birthday. These mugs are sturdy (I mean, my regular ole kitchen can't even compare to a restaurant dish-pit!) and it's wonderful to be able to use something so special every day

Apparently, the only thing they can't survive is being shipped across the country by the US Postal Service. When I unpacked my boxes after moving, almost all of mugs had been shattered - including one of my two from Heath (I may or may not have cried.) So, now I'm gollam-status carrying around the lone survivor every morning. My precious moonstone mug.  

(photo) on film with Pentax K1000 | bright winter morning on my porch in Northampton


  1. i think coffee cup is an important part of my place.
    i love this photo, Sam. i love how the light makes pattern penetrating the gap between the fence.
    ah, but again. you always capture it best


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