been there | Smith Canteen in Brooklyn

a lesson learned in Brooklyn:  Live in New York for only as long as it makes you beautiful. Only as long as the rough surfaces of the city are smoothing your edges or rubbing away layers you thought were necessary, to reveal something truer.  And when it starts to harden you, let yourself walk away. If only over the bridge to Brooklyn. The skyline is quiet and glimmers in the distance - the city, a memory to climb into.

Smith Canteen located at 343 Smith St. in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn:  a perfect place for a coffee date with one ms. wily brunette.  Smith Canteen is deliberately cool - so it's surprisingly relaxed. Like "yeah ... this is on purpose. We know you love oiled dark wood and geraniums." (Rather than the dilapidated cool which is more like "Oh this? it only became cool yesterday because it's 'authentic'" which is always stressful to me because I'm thinking "wait. are we allowed to be enthusiastic about this or does that make it less authentic?")

(photos) on drugstore brand film with Pentax K1000


  1. So... do you mind hanging out with me and taking utterly fabulous photos of me? I know Meg is beautiful in her own right, but you've captured her so perfectly.

    PS... thank you for the email. It made me smile.

  2. Sam, i can take your lesson from Brooklyn in life in general.
    it might sound creepy, but you're the kind of people i'd love to be friends with in real life.
    hope you don't mind i'm stalking your blog, because like Laura, you always get me with your words. and photos. your photos are amazing. if you ever come to Indonesia, let me know ;)

  3. third photo is beautiful! :)


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