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Lately, I haven't had as much to share here as I used to. Graduate school - despite my best efforts - gets
the best of me creatively. So, the film photos are fewer and epiphanies are farther between. But, I don't feel that I'm done with this space yet, you know? I think there's just a bit of a disconnect between the shape of this blog and the shape of my life - and I'm working this summer to get back on track and back to a place where this feels good. Where it feels like the stakes are lower, more day to-day, more honest. My boyfriend (who is a Creative Suite wiz and patiently listens to my kooky ideas "can it have ... like, tiny gold tacks?") is working on a little layout to use for Mondays. The post wont be anything mind-blowing or too artistic, usually just a few scenes from the weekend.
A "postscript" is the last part of a text - that's actually what "p.s." stands for. So, it felt like a fitting name for a look back at the week past. A quick way to record the last fleeting details, for me and for you. 

(photos) iPhone | the less snazzy previous version of the "after the weekend" post was called review.


  1. 1. Your boyfriend is a genius and I want him to create something, anything, for me. Lovely layout!

    2. The thought of you ending this blog makes me incredibly sad because it's one of the few left that inspire me.

  2. I like this p.s. feature, it's pretty and a great idea! I'm also in a blogging rut, which usually occurs when real life gets too chaotic and involved. I hope you can feel more mentally organized and back on track soon!

  3. BOYFRIEND??? id like an email!!!


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