since grown to love.

Northampton, dusk.
"I remember once calling my daddy to collect me from a place but was sad when he came because I'd since grown to love the place. Death takes us like that."

DBC Pierre, Vernon God Little.

I'm leaving New England today to spend the summer in Portland. And you know, it feels like this (well, not the whole death part. I'm not that dramatic). I'm going to a place that I've longed for - a place that I've missed and that I call home - but I suddenly want to stay.

(photo) on film with Pentax K1000 | Northampton, MA 


  1. I always feel this way when I leave New England for my Georgia home. Looking forward to reading how your home looks to you now after leaving it for a time. Enjoy!

  2. Beautiful comparison - I think it's that way with a lot of things. It reminds me of getting a hair cut - you aways have a great day day on the day you're getting it cut, and so you think it's not a good idea, but you need to just cut it off anyway. When we have a glimpse of losing something is the moment we suddenly never want to let go

  3. Safe travels, Sam. I'd love to meet up while you're in Portland this summer!

    1. a yes, yes, yes and YAY to that! E-mailing you now.


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