locals only.

predicted by the forecast for a full week prior: one good eighty degree day. We ditched our final paper writing and climbed behind the row of houses on Elm Street, down to the Mill River. A swimming hole complete with twenty yards of sandy "beach" and a solid rope swing. I consider this the official moment I became a local.

(photos) on film with Leica CL | Mill River in Northampton, MA


  1. Loving the photos! Great atmosphere! :)

    1. thank you Charlotte! and you know, the actual atmosphere was even better.

  2. Replies
    1. this coming from you, Mrs "I work on a farm, please excuse the Kombucha bottle in my passenger seat" :)

  3. The tones are so great! :) Looks like a lovely afternoon.

  4. Great shots! I love little moments like this - life kinda feels on hold and you discover a new spot to just get away


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