oh, hey LA!

For the last month I've been just about everywhere ... except this internet space! But, I'm not too hip to admit that I've just been the luckiest lately. This week, I'm photographing a wedding in San Diego - a place I once called home. I decided to make a little trip out of it, with a stop in LA and Joshua Tree before settling in that coastal city to do what I consider the best summer job in the world: taking pictures of people in love. 

since those photos are still in my camera (oh, film! you teach me patience) here is a nice one of a palm tree from my last trip to socal. Can't you just hear their swishing?

(photo) on film with Pentax K1000


  1. I miss palm trees, here in Berlin spring just arrived... Enjoy your trips!:)

  2. So jealous that this is your view - can't wait to see the beauties you've taken on film during your trip! Have fun!

  3. Swish... Swoosh... Swish... Swoosh... :)

  4. are these from my old front yard? they feel so familiar, but plam trees have that effect. you could be anywhere and i would associate them with my personal front yard. however, these ones seem especially familiar.

    1. Didi, yes! they are your very own palm trees. I took this laying on my back in your front yard seeing sun for the first time in months. you are such a special part of San Diego!


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