technicolor dream day.

On the first really warm day of spring, Tyler and I finished work early and brought our books to the knoll overlooking Paradise Pond (here are a few pictures of it in fall!) I thought maybe I was just a little high on sunshine, because I couldn't stop pointing out how green the grass/trees/leaves/lawns were. When I got these negative scans back though they gave me a laugh. Everything is almost offensively bright! I guess that fluorescent "spring green" color in the box of crayons was more accurate than I realized.

Doesn't this bottom one remind you of Andy Warhol's Flowers?

(photos) on film with Leica CL, straight out of the camera.


  1. Driving through Italy when the first signs of Spring were popping up was incredible because there was fluorescent greens and yellows everywhere! I couldn't snap enough photos and constantly wished I could skip through all the flowers.

  2. It's funny, I was trying to explain the brightness of the day in an instagram post and couldn't figure out how. Technicolor is pretty much perfect, though. And even though I am an earthy/pastel sort of girl, I love the brightness of spring.


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