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A few weekends ago, my sister and I headed over to Crate and Barrel to buy a Bridal Shower gift for Tessa. I like to think that I have a talent for gift-giving {exhibit A} but this was a challenge. Giving your best friend a spatula just seems kind of impersonal.  How do you shop for a bridal shower gift that's both thoughtful and uses the registry? Here's what I learned...

step 1. pick a theme
For Tessa, I went with "breakfast." Andy, her fiance, cooks this special mash-up of sausage and eggs titled "scramby" which has been known to help cure her migraines (and our occasional hang-overs). The picture below is of when they visited me in Boston and Andy found us a local breakfast joint where a coffee and an egg sandwich was less than five dollars!

step 2. pick out some stuff
When you get to the store, print off the registry and look for the small ticket items that relate to your theme or relate to one another. If you didn't come prepared with a theme, look to see if they registered for cookbooks and start there! Think: Italian Cookbook + Pepper Grinder + Garlic Press or Cupcake Cookbook + Baking Sheets + Measuring Cups.  (and don't be afraid to toss in a cute low-commitment extra that's not on the registry to really jazz it up. In the cupcake example, add sprinkles. People act like registries are so multiple guests don't buy the same gift but it's really because new couples don't want to end up with a ton of stuff that isn't their style. Sprinkles are edible - you can't go wrong.) 

dishtowels $9.90 for 2 (the ones in the picture are fancier and by marimekko $36.00) | quiche pan $15.95 | balloon whisk $7.95 | omelet and pancake spatula $6.95 | egg timer $4.95
for a total of: $45.70
or ... you could buy one frying pan for $49.95

Gifts like this not only seem more thoughtful but they're more "bang for your buck" if you're like me and on a budget for the bridal-bachelorette-baby-housewarming parties that seem to happen every weekend in the summer. So, leave the crystal wine carafe to Great Aunt Susan and head straight for the utensil section!


  1. This is so lovely, Sammy! I'm always stumped about gift-giving on a budget, and a themed gift is just the ticket!

  2. So true! When my friend had a baby, I picked a nighttime theme and loaded a basket with a blanket, nighttime calming cream, teddy bear, and pajamas. It wasn't too expensive compared to other things and it looked way more thoughtful.

  3. Such a lovely idea. Someone did this for me when I got married, and the fact that they spent the time thinking about the gift meant more to me than any expensive gift would have.

  4. i love this! so thoughtful and meaningful. i'll definitely keep this post in mind for the many wedding showers in my not-too-distant future... :)


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