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A few weekends after Tessa and Andy got back from their honeymoon, Tessa threw a dinner party so we could play with  enjoy all the wedding gifts she'd received off her registry. Isn't that such a great idea? I'm a big believer in "taking out the good china" for more than just thanksgiving! She fully set the table with her new stoneware plates and rosegold flatware.  And she got to use all those kitchen gadgets that seem kind of nonsensical at the time (a salad spinner? herb scissors?) but are actually pret-ty handy.

Registries might be the best part about getting married (besides love!) It's hard being a young couple, especially when you love to entertain like Tessa and Andy. We've thrown a lot of parties together (see: here and here) and even though they've always been amazing we never fail to run into a few young-people problems. You know .... like there aren't enough serving dishes, so things go on the table in the pots they were cooked in. Or, you only have one riedel pinot noir glass because your roommates broke the other five.

There's something really wonderful about sitting at a grown-up table, having not-so-grown-up dinner conversation. It's one of those magical in-between parts about being in your late-twenties. Cheers to that!

(photos) on film Pentax K1000, except for the last which is iPhone | Tessa's backyard, Portland OR


  1. that's such a great idea! and yeah in our apartment we have about 3 different sets of silverware and still never have enough when guests come over... someday hopes

  2. That's such a great idea! Love your photos as usual! x


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