an incomplete inventory of clothing items that technically belong to other people.

An Incomplete Inventory of Clothing Items In My Possession That Technically Belong To Other People: 

1.  origin: An Italian boy who I was set-up with for a sorority event in college.
circumstances: It's Calvin Klein extra fine merino wool, so normally I would feel bad about keeping this. But, this sweater is - not exaggerating - my favorite item of clothing. I've worn it so many times that the under arms have turned to felt. I just love it more than he did.

2. origin: Some girl who left her shirt at my boyfriends house before we started dating.
circumstances: He says they didn't hook up but I'm skeptical because otherwise why would you take your shirt off?

3. origin: Ex-boyfriend
circumstances: 2008

4. origin: My sister.
circumstances: I ran out of clean underwear the day before her wedding so I took these out of her drawer without asking because she wasn't in the mood to be asked for a (very personal) favor.


  1. i absolutely love this- gave me a good chuckle on the bus.

    my prized item of clothing thats not mine is a rockband t shirt. i think it's safe to did better than me :)

  2. Creative and SO funny. Love this!

  3. hahahahaha love this... why are boys shirts and sweatshirts so much more comfy than girls

  4. I love a good story and how clever to share the clothes!

  5. ummm, maybe my favorite post ever.

  6. I laughed and laughed. Especially about your sister. So good.

  7. So brilliant! Hahaha, i love this xo


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