October 7th.

It's a cold and soggy sort of day, so Tyler and I left school early and went home. I was feeling so, so tired by three in the afternoon. Unusually tired and really for no reason. We got in bed and I looked at WebMD for the symptoms of walking pneumonia (the main symptom is that there are no symptoms, so I'm pretty sure I have it.) The other possible causes are that I have an apple hangover from eating more apples on Saturday than I had eaten in the rest of the year combined. Or that I got a parasite from all the unidentified food I ate at Dim Sum on Sunday.  

I rolled onto my stomach and asked Tyler to listen to my breathing with a cup that was on the night stand. We drank the water out of it, then he turned it over and pressed the cup to my back. He put his ear up to the bottom and I breathed deeply. Neither of us heard anything. Afterwards, I made him roll over so I could listen to his lungs. And then I tried it on his dog, Begonia. Everyone is in fine health.

(photo) iphone | Boston Harbor from the steps at the ICA
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  1. This was sweet and simple and honest--it captures that sort of tenderness of sharing a bed with someone in the afternoon, finishing a cup of water together, and catering to one's health neuroses ;)

  2. hahaha... totally something i would do. webmd is my go to and im pretty sure i have every disease and also cancer

  3. haha, i think i should that too sometimes. making sure we all in a good health.

  4. HAHA this made me laugh so much! I am exactly the same! I always think there's something terribly wrong with me at the first signs of 'symptoms'.. Googling symptoms always end up in a complete panic because I'm sure I am about to die any minute now. Rest up! x

  5. Ha! I love knowing that other people do the same neurotic stuff that we do... Hope you feel better soon :)
    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog

  6. i had to ban myself from webmd in high school because on a weekly basis i was convinced that i was dying of some ailment.

    on another note, this whole post makes me really like tyler (and can we see a photo of begonia, please?)

  7. Are you feeling better? I do hope you are feeling better <3

  8. I love this, especially that you included Begonia (what kind of dog is she? totally precious name for a dog!). I could see this being a scene in a Wes Anderson movie hah.


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