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This song is MY JAM! I've played it on the speakers so loudly every morning this week. Chvrches has that synthy 80s sound (that you know I have such a sweet spot for! see: here and here). It makes me want to hang out with my best friend.

The beginning of October has been absolutely be-a-u-tiful here in Northampton. Yesterday, I went apple picking and today I'm going into Boston to see Miranda July's Lost Child reading/performance. Hello Fall!

weekend reading | Mediated Messages
  • last semester, a friend from one of my classes lent me a copy of Selected Unpublished Blog Posts of a Mexican Panda Express Employee. I love Megan Boyle's use of human detail - mundane, but in combination so meaningful.  Here is one of my favorite "chapters" reprinted on Thought Catalog: Everyone I've Had Sex With. 
  • this video hit a little too close and made me create a "no phones in bed" rule. 
  • you've probably seen it but it made me laugh! hashtag humor.
(listen) Chvrches - The Mother We Share (photo) iPhone + vsco | golden hour on King St


  1. Such great links! I am loving chvrches at the moment, that photo is STUNNING and the video is so sad- it is amazingly done but actually makes me feel a bit sick. Thanks for sharing!!
    We Resolve Blog

  2. sigh, i love fall. but we don't have it here in indonesia.


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