lavender picking.

In case you couldn't tell from the wall-to-wall wedding posting, this summer was a whirlwind! Just about every free day was spent doing something wedding oriented: gold foiling, flower arranging, and six separate trips to the art supply store.

These photos are from the afternoon we drove out to Sauvie Island to cut lavender for Lily's center pieces. It was a week day, so the farm was closed. We paid on the honor system by stuffing twenties into a wooden bird house. It felt like we were the only people for miles and the fields were quiet except for the bees.

I've shed a few tears this September thinking back on the summer and everything that happened with out me really getting to enjoy it.  There was so much to do and it all felt so important and I was so worried about missing something and letting everyone down.  So, these pictures are extra special to me. Neither of us look too glamorous, since we're both dressed to run errands. Top knots, cotton t-shirts, and tote bags.  But, this day felt like how I thought it would feel. Just me and my sister getting ready for her wedding. Just happy.

(photos) on film, taken by my boyfriend Tyler | Sauvie Island Lavender Farm just outside of Portland.
(p.s.) lavender picking for my birthday last year
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  1. oh... lavender. i just love these photographs!

  2. just looking at these pictures make me happy too.

  3. These photos are stunning!! Reminds me that I still haven't been to a lavender farm.. can you believe it?! x

  4. jealous! these are so beautiful!

  5. I love this photos! I wish I've a chance to visit lavender farm oneday

  6. These photos are just gorgeous! I love lavender so much, it's the most wonderful scent isn't it? There are hedges of it outside our house, and now the summer's over they're starting to dry out and release their scent. I keep finding excuses to wander past them to breathe it all in!

  7. i love everything about this. topknots. sisters. lavender. doesn't get any better. xoxoxoxoxoxo

  8. This is my dream. To pick lavender in a beautiful field. And with your sister? How special! And with your hot bf taking pics? How very very very special! Gorgeous photos!

  9. This is so, so cute. I wish there were big ol' fields of lavender around here, I'm desperate to have some around the house!

    Lucy xo | We Resolve Blog


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