an apple picking day trip.

Towards the end of apple season, some friends and I took a nice saturday drive to Apex Orchards in Shelburne, MA. When we arrived at the orchard I was surprised to see that it was all right there; we walked off the gravel driveway and into rows and rows of apple trees! The whole activity took maybe a thirty minutes. I'm not sure what I was expecting, but it must be the Oregon in me that anticipates a half-mile hike or a hay ride every time I visit a farm. 

After picking our apples, we spent the next few hours at a local pub. We just weren't ready for the day to be over. And when we drove home that night, the car was a combination of quiet and laughter that means you're with real friends. 

(photos) on 120 film with a borrowed hasselblad, except for the last two which are iPhone. The green in these scans looks all off to me. But I'm particular about color, probably too particular {Tyler is reading this and nodding because every time I we work on a project together I send back revisions asking him to make it a "more vibrant black" or "not so much red, more like poppy."}


  1. believe it or not, i've never done apple-pick up. ha!
    and this looks fun.

    1. Niken, this was my first time apple picking too and it was so fun. I think I ate more apples in the orchard than I put in my bag!

  2. Can't believe I live in RI, and I have never heard of this orchard. Must visit next year...

  3. You look so fabulous here! Love that little peep of leg, you sassy thing. ;)

    I am also going to have to get you switched over to Disqus one of these days — I'll even do all the work! /shameless plug

  4. Those apples look unreal and perfectly red!


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