LA lady.

Stacey and I have been friend since we were three, we grew up together in Oregon. She hated the rain and she told me more than once that she belonged in Los Angeles.  When I visited her there in July it was clear to me that she'd been right; she finally found her city

We sat on her veranda overlooking La Brea, at eye level with the palm trees. The air was still warm and the sun was setting, shining over the stucco siding. She went inside and brought out a handful of otter pops, which were our favorite thing as kids. And we ate them, snipping off top after top, until our mouths turned blue.

as for me and LA, I'm still undecided. it's hard to love anywhere that makes my hair frizzy.
(photos) iphone + vsco, except the third which is film | West Hollywood, ect.


  1. i love your hair by the way,
    it feels so good when you know you belong to the city you live in, right?

  2. I'm still undecided about LA too, and I spent almost my whole life there! When I'm dodging traffic (an LA pastime, certainly), I take the canyon roads home. You can look down at all the twinkling lights, and I always think of that last line from Great Gatsby ("so we beat on, ceaselessly against the current..." you know the one). It's a city full of people who are driven to live a life more extraordinary--they are chasing the green light. And while there's bound to be disappointment, there is something special about being part of a city that is ceaselessly searching to be a part of "something."


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