true love awaits.

Over the weekend, my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary by attending the annual halloween party where we met. {we dressed as Wills and Princess Kate. it was the best.}

When I woke up that morning I said to him "I'm going to meet you for the first time today" and the thought gave me a funny feeling. For the most part, Saturday was just like last year. I tidied my room and read in the afternoon. I primped in the same mirror, sitting on the same hardwood floor. Except, this time I knew who was waiting for me once I got to the party.

Time is such a tricky thing. We never know what's coming for us. But, we move forward with a mundane kind of faithfulness - until one day, one moment we run smack into something that feels like it was always just around the corner.

(photos) on film, tyler took these | two sets of nightstand glasses.
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  1. I love this! So beautifully written. And happy anniversary! I met a someone special at a Halloween party, too. Ours didn't end up being true love in the romantic sense, but it's a lot like it in the forever friendship kind of way. And because of that, Halloween feels like a magical time with surprises that can leave you forever changed.

  2. I love this (and you, and you two) so much! Very romantic.

  3. i really love that last paragraph. and your it!

  4. umm that is so cute. love tha tyou guys met on halloween... in costumes...
    and that last sentence... i want whatevers around the corner

  5. the last paragraph is spot on. I'm in the waiting place now (and of course, I can't help but think of Dr. Seuss). While it can be lonely sometimes, it's peaceful mostly and just like you put beautifully I know that my next love is "just around the corner."

  6. If I was a guy I'd be so in love with you. I can't wait to use that line some day: "I'm going to meet you for the first time today."

  7. So beautiful! All the best couples meet at Halloween parties ;)


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