frosty farm day.

eggs are sort of amazing.
My sister's husband, AJ, is the most energetic person I've ever met. The amount of work this guy gets done in a day is incredible, and in the freezing cold no less! On this particularly frosty morning, he took Lily and I around for "take-your-girlfriend (and her sister) to-work day." We picked up the eggs from the chickens and fed the pigs in our carhartt coats.

Thank god for photography. Sometimes I think the only reason I go out in nature is to take pictures of it.

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000 | Harmony Jack Farms in Scio, OR


  1. I could curl up for days with your blog. Such exquisite photographs & words. Never stop!

  2. haha, it does look more fun in photos - the farm activity, i mean.

  3. That's the beauty of photography.. it makes you go out and see things.
    I absolutely love that first picture.

  4. My mom has a friend named Jan that used to run a pig farm in rural Illinois. We used to visit her once in awhile growing up, and it was always such an...experience. I remember her demonstrating the best way to carry a piglet — by it's hind foot, upside down! If you carried it in your arms (like a baby or puppy) it would squeal and squirm like you were trying to kill it! Did your brother-in-law (ahhh!) carry any piglets for you?

    I sometimes wonder if I made that up...

    1. Amanda, you didn't make up the pig screaming thing! My sister picked one up like a puppy and it squealed until it threw up (look closely at the second square picture of the black and white piglet and you can see he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and happened to be the victim.) I wish we would have known that the leg was the trick, that's amazing!


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