closer look at the icicles via trespassing.
The week that I traveled home for winter break, most of the news (and my facebook feed) was focused on the freezing weather in Oregon. This being my second East Coast winter, I couldn't help but feel a little superior ... like Hey everyone in Portland! it's so icy here that I had to bear crawl down a driveway this morning. Come visit me in Massachusetts anytime!!  This week we're catching some of the polar vortex with 12 degree afternoons. I'm going to swallow any complaints though since Milwaukee is something like - 47 with windchill. yea, no. no thank you.

(photos) on film with Pentax K1000 | Icicles on Elm St. in Northampton, MA


  1. i heard it's extremely cold in some states, but i miss snow. i won't mind some snow any day now. and i think the icicles are so cool.

  2. WHAT? -47? That's insane. That's when you move. I thought 1 degree was intense...

  3. Replies
    1. AJ, I feel for you! this weather calls for coats that are closer to a sleeping bag.

  4. That cold was AWFUL. But my little sister was SO happy she decided to stay home for the January term instead of heading back to school in Milwaukee early. It was -21 with wind chill here but we did okay. I don't envy you East-Coasters and that weather.


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