lily's wedding.

bride lily - rectangle crop
the toss bouquet
raise your hand if you want to see some pics from my sister's wedding?! well, these are the only ones I took because I was mostly busy painting emergency wooden directional signs after another set of signs appeared on the same country road for farm wedding in the opposite direction. luckily there's never any shortage of cameras at a wedding, so stay tuned for a few more this week! 

The big day was full of blessings (no rain! no mosquitos!) but the biggest might have been that I managed not to get neon pink tempra paint on my bridesmaid dress. 

(photos) 1 and 3 on film with Pentax K1000, other's are iphone + vsco. 


  1. Beautiful pics ! I love the first pic a lot, would like to see some more pics.

  2. I could stare at these photos for H O U R S! Looks like a really, really beautiful day.

    P.S. That light! *swoon*

  3. Your sister is gorgeous. Oh my goodness. absolutely stunning. And I bet she's super nice like you. Sigh. Can't wait to see more.

  4. oh my goddd it looks AMAZING. i wish there were more! and she looks flawless of course <3

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