a sweet and simple wedding cake.

When we were planning the details for her wedding, one of the traditions Lily wanted to skip was the wedding cake: "I don't even really like cake." she said "I wish it could just be funfetti." So ... funfetti it was!  My best friend Tessa volunteered to make Lily and AJ a little layer cake so they could enjoy the tradition without basically baking a skyscraper for their big wedding (... what would a cake for 200 people even look like?) Tessa cut the rosemary and the lavender from her garden that morning and frosted it at the farm while all the bridesmaids were having their hair done. It was her first time baking a wedding cake and it was perfect. Sweet simplicity! 

To top it all off, the cake table was steps away from a pen of bunnies. BUNNIES. Farm weddings have their perks, you guys. 


  1. farm weddings tend to look the most beautiful and most relaxed weddings to me. to be honest, all the wedding cakes i ever tried were a disappointment anyways. i'd rather have a delicious and simple cupcake, than a piece of a spongy tower.


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