two for | Winter Chill

closer, frosted Queen Anne's Lace northampton snow. 
"And so it happened again, the daily miracle whereby interiority opens out and brings to bloom the million petaled flower of being here, in the world, with other people. Neither as hard as she had thought it might be nor as easy as it appeared." 

Zadie Smith, On Beauty

(photos) on film with pentax K1000 | queen annes in Scio, OR and snow in Northampton, MA


  1. These photos are so beautiful. I can't wait for it to snow here. I hope it does. I'd be so sad if we didn't get to experience that wonderful silence that comes when the snow begins to fall.

  2. such a gorgeous quote. i'd forgotten about that book - i read it years ago on a trip. going to try to find it now! :)


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