thetas for a lifetime.

One of the very best choices that I made in college was joining a sorority. I know greek life gets a bad-rap, but Theta has made such a difference in my life. Going to college at a private university in Southern California quickly gave me an inferiority complex - seeing as I was neither rich nor blonde. I met my best friends as a Theta and found a network of ladies who helped me find my sparkle again. For that I will always be so grateful. 

As I've gotten older, Theta has also had a lasting professional impact on my life. Being part of a sorority taught me how to work with (rather than compete against) other women. It's something I think is so important in a society where we're taught that the opportunities for ladies are limited, making us see other women as rivals rather than allies.

Even though I've been out of undergrad for four years now, 2013 felt like a very "Theta" year for me. First, I was incredibly blessed to be awarded a scholarship from the Theta Foundation for my graduate studies. And secondly, my little sister - who was also a theta at Oregon State - got married. All of her best friends and most of her bridesmaids are also Thetas (the picture above is of all of KATs at her wedding). It made me realize that being a Theta for a lifetime isn't just a tagline, it's a promise.  Happy founders day, Kappa Alpha Theta!

(photos) 1. Lily's theta badge on her bridal bouquet | 2. by Olivia Ashton


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