Miranda July at the Institute of Contemporary Art/boston.

Before the winter settled in, some friends and I headed into the big city to see Miranda July speak at the Institute of Contemporary Art. The performance was called Lost Child! and it focused on her trajectory as an artist. "Origins are the most interesting part" she said "how people found their way in the world." She was somehow just as thoughtful and sincere as I imagined. 

I think of Miranda July as having such a consistent perspective. She has this special sort of humor that's combined with a tinge of sadness. It's why I end up loving everything she does: books, interviews, e-mail based art projects.

People talk a lot about consistency these days and how "important" it is to creative work. Creatives need to have a brand, a hallmark --- a uniformity that makes what you do recognizable. Brands rely on stability in order to do this (think of the unchanging image of coca-cola). But, If anything, Miranda's performance made me think about just how toxic the idea of stability can be to real creativity. She has done all sorts of work - beginning with a play she wrote as a teenager, based on a pen pal she had in prison. She's made videozines, performed in Riot Grrrl shows and directed a major motion picture. The path hasn't been linear for her, and I think that's important.

It inspired me to be more open, more messy. less worried about my photos, or my writing, or my academic work being discernable as "mine." you know what, I mean? it's better as a process. it's all part of finding you way

(photos) mostly film with my pentax k1000 + a few iphone | here's me and miranda having a moment!


  1. This is such a poetic and spot-on way to describe Miranda July. I think most artists who are dedicated to their work will display a single, recurring thread of "something" through their work, but what fun is art if you are confined to producing the same sort of work all the time?

    Also, who is your lovely red-haired friend? I could look at photos of her for days...(promise I'm not a creep!)

    1. Amanda, that's Lisbet. She was the first person I met in MA who gave me that soul friend feeling.
      You two would get along SO famously

  2. "But, If anything, Miranda's performance made me think about just how toxic the idea of stability can be to real creativity."

    Nailed it. And your messiness is always my favorite kind. <3

  3. I love this post, and I love your "finding your way" perspective!


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