the Ace Hotel NYC + a reminder that I'm still young.

Ace, hotel doors.
Stumptown Coffee in the Ace New York
Hangers: "You Look Good in That"
Above my desk on campus, I have a flyer from the Ace Hotel tacked into my bulletin board. It's a souvenir from my first semester at school, when my best friend Laura came out to the East Coast to visit me. Her original trip was actually delayed by Hurricane Sandy (I was beyond upset. Hurricanes don't have sh*t on me when it comes to dramatic outbursts.) When she finally got out here it was the week before finals. Was leaving for the weekend a bad choice? probably. But I packed up my books and headed to the big city. We had a raucous dinner in Brooklyn that night and sat in the hotel lobby for a last-call with every hip single in the city. The next day, we were ridiculously hungover. I have a very foggy memory of dragging myself to the Duane Reade that morning on a mission for Gatorade. When I got back to the room, I closed the drapes on the dreamy empire state building and we went back to bed for an hour.  We cancelled our sight-seeing plans and got up a few hours later (mostly motivated by Zara.) 

In a lot of ways, I think grad school has really aged me. I look at the freckly face in my ID card, taken my first day on campus, and sometimes I barely recognize that girl. Maybe it's being around 19 year olds all the time, but these days I feel old.

After spending last weekend in the city, that flyer has become a reminder of all the life there is outside my office and all the life that I still have inside me.  grad student by day. champion Sauvignon Blanc drinker by night. 

(photos) on film with Pentax K100, except for the last | The Ace Hotel in New York City
(p.s) two more film photos of New York City views.


  1. I always think some things really age me (stress, cynicism, loss) but there are some things that really make me young again. Like good friends and fabulous trips like these. Lovely photos. I think ACE hotel would be tickled how beautifully you showed them off.

  2. This is a great reminder for all us grad students. We are so much more than this big thing we are tackling.

  3. I love your blog so much! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog the other day. It truly meant a lot. xo

  4. sweetest photos. and i totally know what you mean. i've felt old lately, too. but my friends and my neighborhood keep me feeling young - and remind me that my life is always new and always changing, as long as i'm open to it.


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