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Signing off a day early, since it's spring break for those of us on the semester system! After a ridiculously productive 3 days at home, I'm writing this from the bed of an AirBnB in Williamsburg. The sun is just going down and flooding the whole city skyline with light. It's the solstice - the first day of spring! - and it was finally warm enough to wear my Penfield jacket. Not to be dramatic, but it's like the blood is rushing back to my brain after a few weird weeks of just static existence. I've got a whole new attitude! 

I feel like this new song from Future Islands was written just for me, just for this week. 
As it breaks, the summer awaits. The winter craved what's lost, craved what's gone away.

(listen) Seasons - Future Islands, the first song on the NPR stream of Singles (photo) pom banner by napkin 


  1. you were in my neighborhood! next time, we need to hang! :)


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