OR vs. MA

Last week, I did my taxes (this blog post is off to a thrilling start, huh?) Big shout-out to Edward, the Junior accounting major who helped me at the campus tax assistance office. I have so much respect for the kids who volunteer for that program, preparing taxes for free! they are real heroes. The office was packed with about 100 people for the four-hour appointment window, half of them international students and all of us overwhelmed. I left feeling really grateful and with a headache. I filed returns for both Oregon and Massachusetts and comparing these two question (about tax credits) gave me a laugh: 

Did you lose any livestock to wolves this year?

Are you currently restoring a historic home?

I have such love for both the states that I call home!


  1. I'm sorry, they ask you those kinds of questions?!! That's crazy!

    Also, very awesome that they volunteer - my Mum and I were only just talking about accounts and how confusing they were yesterday, it's great they'd give up their time try and help clear that kind of confusion!!

  2. That's a perfect pair of questions! So funny! I wonder if every state has equally revealing/stereotypical questions...I'll have to go ask my husband the CPA.


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