love you, dad.

The day after his hip surgery, my Dad and I went to his first physical therapy class. The doctor started by having all the patients share what they were most excited to do once they healed. It's a long road, she said, and it's good to have something to motivate you. They went around the room; patients who were excited to work in the garden, get back to biking, to go scuba diving in bermuda (#humblebrag). 

 "I'm going to walk my daughter down the aisle" he said.

My dad asked me to take the first set of pictures the morning of his surgery, to commemorate the last time he'd ever use a cane. His stiff walk down the driveway took five or six minutes. The bottom photo was taken the day after my sister's wedding.  Not only did he walk her down the aisle, but he twirled her across the dance floor. a dance floor that he built. after taking a few waltz classes. 

(photos) 1. on film with Pentax K1000 | 2. on film with Hasselblad 503 (p.s.) my dad = atticus finch + mitch buchanon


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