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So, my sorority selected me as The Most Artistic member of our chapter for the Greek Yearbook! I get to take a silly picture with all the other most artistic members from other chapters and we need to submit one of our works for the page layout. 

I am incredibly flattered and excited about this but i just know i'm going to show up and its going to be lots of legitimately interesting and artistic people and then ... me. I'm just artsy for fun, with no real artistic talent of any kind. We're even supposed to dress "artsy." I bet everyone is going to be wearing funky clothes from thrift stores, and headbands, and be all boho-stylish. Should I wear a paint smock like Lanie in the movie She's All That?

Inadequacies aside, if i could pick any "most" i think that this would be it. On the list of 'Qualities I Like Best In Other People' being Artistic is pretty much the top, and its wonderful to have someone see that in me. People who are artists treat their whole lives as their master-work. They are creative, fun, introspective and thought provoking.

The whole reason i'm telling you this is because I came across this image today and I thought to myself "that is the simply the best contented morning I can imagine."

Maybe I am an artist after all.


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