Recent Writing: Fashion Utilitarianism

[image f: (t) Fred Davis' Fashion, Culture and Dress (b) American Apparel]
"Davis describes Fashion Utilitarians as "very simply styled, usually loose-fitting, single-color garments (separate tops, tunics leggings, jumpsuits)." Sound familiar? If this brought images of brightly colored basics dancing through your head to the tune of Sebastian Tellier, you're not alone. It's fitting that the ultimate anti-brand is the apex of anti-fashion."
And it looks like Karoline Zmarlak is all aboard the utilitarian train as well [via Chic Report]


  1. Dear Sam, I never really put utilitarianism and American Apparel in one sentence before but some how you made it work! I absolutely agree that simplicity is a great virtue, thus i guess we can call American Apparel the most virtuous clothing company out there. I love how you can wear any piece for a variety of occasions! And by the way, you are the queen of fashion writing! Love you forever!

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